3D Industrial specialises in large-scale machining and is equipped with heavy duty CNC turning, line boring and milling machinery.

Our Work

We partner with other manufacturers, consulting engineers and end-users to design and manufacture specialist components. 3D Industrial also offers a repair and refurbishment service to a range of industries including replacement hauler shafts for the forestry industry.

Our forward-thinking engineers focus on designing components that are efficient to manufacture and offer maximum productivity and safety gains for the end-user. We take pride in machining components accurately within tight deadlines.

Our People

Our love of technical design and manufacture has drawn together a team of talented engineers who share a commitment to producing quality parts. We have a reputation for our technical design capabilities and share a drive to manufacture parts that make a difference to customers’ operations. Our mix of experience and youth adds a spark to the day and makes 3D Industrial a great place to work.

Our Place

Our modern, industrial manufacturing machine shop in Rotorua Bay of Plenty equipped with a unique combination of both traditional machinery and the latest technology.

Specialist equipment

CNC Turning
Large-scale specialists

CNC Milling
Absolute accuracy for intricate details

Manual Machining
Traditional processes paired with modern, large-scale engineering

Where customer needs meet expert design from a manufacturing perspective